Impossible Made Possible, Rider Surfs Car after Violent Crash

In most of the highway high-speed crashes, seeing the rider in one piece is a rare thing. Given the nature of the impact and the adjacent traffic, such accidents often result in severe injuries, amputations and casualties, regardless of who is to blame. However, every now and then, exceptionally lucky saves DO take place, with the one in this video already going viral on the Internet.
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Photo: Youtube
What could have easily been a rider mashed into a pulp by the impact of his speeding motorcycle into the rear of a car turned into a spectacular save, with the rider doing a front flip and landing on his feet atop of the same car. Even more, he manages to maintain his balance and remain there, quickly sitting as the car slows down and remaining seemingly unscathed.

The internet has already seen a lot of debate on who’s to blame, with most of the opinions indicating that the bigger blame lies with the rider, who was obviously much too fast compared with the rest of the traffic. Even more, as the camera car was in the leftmost lane, we can safely presume that the chap would have split lanes trying to squeeze between the car he eventually rear-ended and the left lane one, itself a very risky maneuver.

Of course, there are voices which claim that the whole video is a fake, and that the rider’s inertia would make such a stunt impossible. While some help from physics experts would be of course, welcome, I’d say that seeing the rider sitting down looks very natural. If I wanted to create a fake video, I guess I’d have the fellow turning 180 degrees and surfing the car…

Whichever may be true, one thing is certain: we just don’t get to see such saves every day!

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