Meet the Luckiest Scooter Rider in the World

The Luckiest Scooter Rider in the World 1 photo
Photo: Liveleak
A lot of road crashes make innocent victims who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, even in situations which seemingly had nothing dangerous about them. Still, many road users and pedestrians are injured and even killed in such accidents, with some of them being well-worthy of the next Final Destination movie.
However, I’m really happy to be able to show you today the other side of this affair, with the same kind of innocent by-standers which have been almost magically left unhurt even though the odds, judging by the security camera footage, were so high against them.

Like always, it’s a matter of inches making the difference between a funeral and one incredible story to be told to generations to come, and it looks like this scooter rider was truly the luckiest man alive, at least this day. While being missed by not one, but two colliding cars, it’s really hard to believe even him (or her, for what’s worth) realized what was going on. However, should either the pickup truck or the other car have impacted the fellow, we’d most likely be looking at one more fatality on the road.

This incredibly close call is by far one the most extreme I saw this year. Hope the drivers are alright, as well.

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