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Hyundai Vision G Receives a Gran Coupe Setup Via the Digital Scalpel

We don't know what happened today, but the stars might have aligned or something because renderings of various cars started pouring out of the sky.
Hyundai Vision G GranCoupe 3 photos
Hyundai Vision G GranCoupeHyundai Vision G GranCoupe
After we saw the Lexus LX F showing us something that Toyota's luxury arm will never build and a targa-style Acura/Honda NSX, it was about time we had some renderings based on a concept to examine and judge.

Courtesy of Theophilus Chin, we and subsequently you get to meet the Hyundai Vision G GranCoupé, based of course on the prototype Hyundai had presented online before it made a debut in Pebble Beach.

The original prototype adopted a coupé shape, but the designer wanted to see if the GranCoupé suit looks right on the concept. And it does, as far as we're concerned, although the shape of the rear end reminds us quite a lot of some Mercedes-Benz models. We'll let you guess them, but we'd also like to add that we wouldn't mind if we saw this concept in the metal, maybe toned down for a production model.

In fact, when they launched the Vision G, Hyundai wanted to show the world they're capable of balancing design and performance while keeping the luxury status intact. Also, the Vision G concept could preview a new chapter for Hyundai's next generation of premium products.

We've got to hand it to you, the GranCoupé's sleek shape goes hand in hand with the five-oh Tau V8 engine churning out 420 horsepower at 6,000 rpm and 383 lb-ft (518 Nm) of torque at 5,000 rpm Hyundai allocated for the original Vision G.

If hypothetically speaking the concept would go into production, those sitting on the rear seat would no doubt appreciate the growth in length which for them means more space for the legs. This way, they can enjoy the classy interior - seasoned with wood trim and gold accents here and there - from a more comfortable position.


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