How to Suck at Splitting Lanes

Rider crashing silly because of gratuitous aggressiveness and his own stupidity 1 photo
Photo: Liveleak capture
Dash cameras are definitely good, and not only because they provide video evidence in case of a crash, showing who and what did to cause the problem but also because they reveal stupid actions other might learn from.
Videos like the one after the jump should, honestly, be part of the basic training for future motorcycle riders. Riding schools should have a part of their curricula dedicated to showing students examples of how not to suck at riding.

Not being an idiot is not a matter of law

Regardless of whether lane splitting is legal or not in certain places, most riders would, at a given time, streak through slower traffic. However, there's a huge difference between riding smartly and acting like a mindless moron in traffic, splitting lanes or not.

All new riders should be taught that motorcycles are being first ridden with the mind, and only secondarily with hands and feet. If the mind makes a stupid decision, it's usually too late or too hard for the body to make amends and sort things out. The smartest approach to riding bikes is to avoid putting yourself in danger in the first place.

Now, riding aggressively AND not being too smart is definitely one of the shortest way to a lot of trouble, and this fellow has just provided the perfect demonstration. In case you need explanations for this crash, I'd say you are already in danger when riding your motorcycle on the streets.

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