One More Idiot Rider Asking for It – Video

Illegal shortcut through a shopping mall 1 photo
Photo: Liveleak capture
It sort of pains me to see riders acting like completely mindless morons and engaging in illegal activities. What is even more idiotic is seeing these poor attention-seeking misguided chaps posting videos of their bravados on the internet. Need I say that this is most likely the shortest way to getting caught?
So here’s this fellow who decided that the best trick he can do that day was to ride his two-stroke dirt bike right through a Media Markt mall in the city of Tarnow, Poland. It’s hard to say that this was not premeditated, as the biker is in fact accompanied by a second rider, also equipped with a camera.

The footage posted online contains scenes filmed by the second bike and inserted in the big picture, in an effort to add more drama to this illegal ride. If you watch the video carefully you can also see people who literally had to move out of the way lest they got hit by the trespasser.

There are some people who claim this was staged, but the footage is just too amateurish to support the claim. I mean, if you decide to pull such a stunt and have people acting as you fly by the shops in the mall, ride up escalators and all, how about making everything look cool, and not that childish?

Anyway, with surveillance cameras and possible witnesses, we won’t be surprised to see the cops tracking down this chap pretty quickly. At least no one was injured and no property damage was caused, so we should call it a lucky day, after all. Still, such morons are definitely not helping the riding community in any way!

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