Rider Sticker Slaps Police Cruiser, Crashes Like a Moron, Finally Escapes – Video

Rider preparing to sticker slap a police car 1 photo
Photo: Youtube capture
There are lees to every wine, unfortunately. What you’re about to see is exactly this type of behavior which casts an extremely negative light on many decent riders. Now, some might even get a little frustrated because the moron in this video finally eludes apprehension, so he’ll live to do such things in the future.
Far from wishing anyone bad luck or worse, we do hope this fellow is caught and brought to justice, mostly because such mindless riding has sky-high chances of causing very nasty crashes and injure innocent people. Frankly, we couldn’t care less how bad this chap gets injured, especially as it’s obvious that he’s rally asking for it. But counting in innocent victims makes this a really messy thing.

Thankfully, this “stunt” left no victims save for some bruises and a mauled bike, but this was only very lucky. Things could have easily turned wrong, and we’re not even beginning to count the worst-case scenarios which could have developed here.

In a way, this reminds us about the nasty turnover in the famous “Manhattan Brawl” case, and how some guys got hurt very seriously, paralysis and a life in a wheelchair included. We’re also not condoning with people who say that the cops should shoot such idiots as they flee, because this is more of an urban war scenario and is definitely not helping.

However, we do hope that police investigators will be able to trace the fellow and have him in the court of law. We’re no detectives here, but we do believe that there is sufficient information, including the possible surveillance camera footage to identify several participants in this “brave deed”. And once several chaps are brought in for questioning, we’d like to believe it’s only a matter of time until the perpetrator is caught.

Seriously, these are about as much “bikers” as my tomcat is… I guess that getting him a cat bike would level things up. We’re not unconditional fans of the Police either, but such street hooligans should be transformed in “jail hooligans”. And life behind bars is definitely not the most inspiring treat…

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