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Now, This Is Less than Inches from Death – Video

If you want to see how one of the luckiest people on Earth looks like, you’ve come to the right place. Too bad we can’t say that this fellow is also one of the decently smart riders, but maybe he has reconsidered his riding style after this “adventure”.
Two reckless scooter drivers are involved in a crash, with one of them literally brushed by the wheels of two large trucks 1 photo
Photo: Liveleak capture
For starters we have to say that both the guy with the helmet cam and the scooter rider who comes crashing down sort of rider like they don’t care at all about their lives. Adding in a dash of speed also seems to be one of the classic ingredients all scooter riders add to each of the situations in their daily rides, and factoring in the erratic riding in forbidden zones only makes things worse.

Even more, the camera guy failed to see the truck’s blinker in time. While we are rather used to having accidents caused by drivers who forget about their turn signals, this wasn’t the case. The rider had all the time in the world to understand that the left truck would change lanes. However, this did not happen, so the chap tried to squeeze between the two lorries.

Finally understanding that he’s about to be turned into pulp, the rider brakes, but he’s impacted by another chap approaching just are recklessly from behind. The two vehicles clash and the second rider is thrown off his two-wheeler, tumbling to the ground. We can see how two truck wheels brush him while the third misses crushing his leg by inches.

Frankly, it’s possible that the fellow has no accurate representation of how close he was to being squashed into oblivion, unless he somehow gets to watch this footage. Not sure he’d ride again after watching this. Oh, and as a bonus, also notice how his helmet flies off, most likely because it was not strapped in place.

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