How to Roll Fenders With a Phonebook on Lexus LS

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Photo: screenshot from Youtube
Remember the last tutorial on how to roll the fenders on your Lexus? Well, this one uses a more unorthodox method.
So if you the newly purchased big rims and air suspension for your Lexus LS 430 cost you a fortune, you won’t spend any dollar more on a special fender-rolling tool. Fortunately, there is a cheap method to achieve the same effect. You will need your air suspension, big rims, a heat gun and a phonebook.

After you have installed the air suspension, it’s recommended that you work on a wheel at a time so you don’t damage the fenders or new rims. The process might take you more time but it’s free, so here’s how to do it:
  • With the suspension all the way up, install one of your new big rims
  • Set the suspension lower so you can stuck about half of the phonebook between the fender and tire
  • Heat up the fender with the heat gun, but not too much to damage the paint
  • Now lower the air suspension even more so that the phonebook will press harder against the fender and bend it
  • You have to do it multiple times in order to achieve the best result and then move to another wheel.

The video bellow shows the process better. However, don’t take us or the guys in the video for granted and do this at your own risk. Also watch out not to crush you fingers when dropping the air suspension.

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