How to Replace Oxygen Sensors on 2000 Toyota Celica

2000 Toyota Celica Oxygen Sensor 1 photo
Photo: screenshot from Youtube
The oxygen sensors on your Toyota Celica help determine if the air-fuel ratio of the engine is rich or lean. This helps the electronic fuel injection adjust the mixture in real time and also reduce CO2 emissions.
There are two oxygen sensors on the majority of the vehicles, including the 2000 Toyota Celica - one before the catalytic converter and one after it. Replacing them is not that hard as they look and mount just like the spark plugs do. So you will only need a wrench and the two spare sensors according to your vehicle. Here are the steps:
  • Let the engine cool if you have recently used it
  • Open the hood and disconnect the negative battery terminal and secure it
  • On the passenger side, remove the foot-well upholstery near the central tunnel area to expose the oxygen sensors’ connections
  • Jack up the car if you don’t have access to an elevator and secure it with jack stands
  • Disconnect each O2 sensor’s plug
  • Get under the car and unscrew the two sensors to remove them
  • Screw the new ones in and make sure you place the upstream and downstream one in their correct positions
  • Get back in the passenger foot-well and connect the two plugs
  • Connect the battery terminal and start the engine to see if it works properly.

Check the video bellow for more info.

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