How to Replace Xenon Headlights on Toyota Prius

Toyota Prius Headlight Bulb Replacement 1 photo
Photo: screenshot from Youtube
If your Toyota Prius is equipped with high intensity xenon headlights and one or both of them got busted, all you need to worry about is the price of the new ones, as they are as same as easy to replace like the standard bulbs.
However, don’t think it’s just like replacing the batteries on the TV remote as this job requires some bolts and trimming removal due to the lack of space behind the headlamp. So grab yourself a 10mm ratchet with extender as well as a pair of rubber gloves to protect the xenon bulb from human hand-grease.
  • Here’s the replacement steps list:
  • First, allow the car’s engine to cool off if it’s been used, so you won’t fry your hands accidentally
  • Open the hood and remove the snap locks off the bumper trimming next to the headlamp
  • Remove the aforementioned trimming to gain access to one of the 10mm bolts that keep the headlight attached and unscrew it
  • Locate the other bolt at the upper end of the lightbulb and unscrew it as well
  • Remove the windshield washer liquid container if needed, to allow more space for maneuvering the lightbulb
  • The headlight is still secured with another bolt somewhere behind the bumper so don’t force it too much. Just pry it a bit to stick you hand behind it
  • Rotate the plug connected to the bulb’s socket and pull it out
  • Undo the snaps on each side of the bulb’s socket and take it out
  • Place the new bulb in without greasing or contaminating its glass
  • Put the snaps on to secure its position
  • Insert the plug and rotate it to snap into position
  • Check if the light works
  • If so, put everything back together and you are done.

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