How to Replace Front Brake Pads on 2005 Scion tC

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Photo: screenshot from Youtube
Changing the front brake pads on your Scion tC is not as hard as it sounds and if you do it correctly, nothing wrong can happen.
You will need replacement brake pads compatible with your model year Scion (always go for the OEM ones so they won’t fail), a jack, a couple of jack stands, a tool set, a bit of grease and rubber gloves if you don’t want to touch all the dirt and brake pad dust which is also kind of toxic.
  • First thing first, put the car on a flat surface and immobilize it by pulling the parking brake
  • Next, loosen the wheel bolts but don’t take them out yet
  • Jack the car up and secure it with the jack stands
  • Remove the wheel’s bolts and take it out
  • The caliper is held with two bolts on the opposite side facing you, so take a simple socket ratchet and unscrew them
  • Remove the caliper by sliding it towards the front. Use a screwdriver to make some leverage if its stuck
  • After removing the caliper, secure its position somewhere so that it doesn’t pulls on the brake hose attached to it
  • Remove the worn brake pads
  • Use a wire brush to clean any deposits on the brake pad sockets
  • Put the new pads
  • Slide the brake caliper's cylinder in so it can fit over the new chunky pads
  • Put the brake caliper over the new pads
  • Grease the bolts a bit and fix the caliper with them
  • Clean the brake disk with brake cleaner if you grease it accidentally
  • Put the wheel back
  • Do the same thing over on the other side
  • Be careful when you brake for the first 5-10 times as it won’t have the force you expect, so try to do a few stops on a clear street letting the new brake pads to adapt.

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