How to Change a Flat Tire on an Audi A3

Not even premium cars are exempt from having flat tires once in a while. Either that ragged tram line, a rail left over from a contraction site or simple wear will occasionally put a hole in your tire, forcing you to pull over.
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Fortunately, all Audis are equipped with a tire pressure sensor, taking the guesswork out and making sure accidents are can be avoided.

Audi wants its customers, especially its younger ones, to be well informed and has thus released this video to show you exactly how to change your wheel when you have a flat, demonstrating the procedure using a new A3.

First, make sure the car is parked in a safe place, where incoming traffic can see it and avoid it if necessary. You will need the wheel from the trunk and the tool kit. The spare can be a full alloy just like all your other wheels or a space-sever which saves space but is only usable for a short time. Either one is fixed in place with a strap and a large nut which keeps it from bounding about.

The tool set contains a little hook that you'll need to pull out the wheel nut/bolt covers. Put them in a safe place because they are expensive to replace. Then you'll need the wrench to unscrew the bolts. If you find you don't have enough force to open them, place the wrench on a level and gently step on it.

Using the jacking point, wind the handle of the jack to lift the car about a hand's width off the ground. Unscrew the bolts, remove the wheel and and replace it with the spare. Don't tighten the wheel nuts forcefully because that might topple the car. Do that only once you've lowered it back down again.

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