How about Apple EnginePlay for Bikes?

Will Apple EnginePlay become reality? 4 photos
Photo: Daniele Pelligra
MV Agusta AMG ConceptMV Agusta AMG ConceptMV Agusta AMG Concept
Apple has upped the ante with their CarPlay software integration of iPhone’s capabilities with the car’s environment, and it looks like this has sparked the imagination for more similar moves aimed at changing the game in the two-wheeled industry, as well.
Italian designer Daniele Pelligra has already taken a step on the wild side with his recent MV Agusta AMG Concept creation, but the bike is only one element in the future world he imagined. Besides the AMG GT Yellow Edition-themed MV Agusta concept bike, Pelligra came up with a very interesting idea, inspired by Apple’s CarPlay.

Would EnginePlay work?

Pelligra imagined a special helmet which could be sold along the new MV Agusta, with the lid integrating a motorbike version of Apple’s CarPlay. An app such as the potential EnginePlay aims to bring together the rider and his/her gear, the bike and the smartphone features and provide an enhanced riding experience.

The idea is just a dream so far, because it still lacks a method of displaying the info to the rider. However, with the HUD technologies becoming better and better, more popular and more affordable, choosing the optimal one for the MV Agusta AMG helmet should not be a problem.

EnginePlay could offer a lot of information to the rider, in terms of riding data (fuel consumption, range and more), navigation, music playback, handsfree phone and SMS integration, or Bluetooth intercom for talking with the passenger.

While interacting with CarPlay can be done with the hand, EnginePlay should rely on voice commands, as allowing the riders to use the system without taking their hands off the bars is a paramount safety measure.
This might make the system less accessible to non-English speaking people, and also needs state-of-the-art noise rejection technologies, as the inside of a helmet is a much noisy environment than the inside of a car. Nevertheless, much of the needed technologies are already available, so “skipping two wheels” may be closer than we think. Even more, MV Agusta’s MVICS 2.0 onboard electronics system at work, this whole new paradigm might sound appealing.

And with the strange passion some people put in their Apple smartphones and their inclination to rely more on these handheld devices for controlling an increasing number of factors in their lives, we just might see EnginePlay becoming reality.
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