Honda US Recalls 2006 Honda CR-V and 2011 Honda CR-Z

Thing aren’t that bright for Toyota, but Honda isn’t doing that well either on the recall front. We have a new one to talk about, and the bad news is that it concerns one of the core models in the US, and a spearhead model for its fuel saving efforts.
Fortunately, it’s not as big as the previous 1.51 million recall that took place last month for an engine issue, nor that May recall that saw over 800,000 Hondas having to be fixed for airbag issues.

The latest issue to be fixed covers some 86,000 vehicles. Of the total, Honda will voluntarily recall 80,111 CR-V vehicles from the 2006 model year in the U.S. to replace the power window master switch. The design of the power window master switch can allow residue from interior cleaners to accumulate, which can, over time with switch use, cause the electrical contacts to degrade and may lead to a fire in the switch.

An additional 5,626 CR-Z vehicles from the 2011 model year in the US that are equipped with manual transmissions will have to be recalled.

These vehicles will receive an update for the system that controls the hybrid powertrain’s electric motor. This is due to the recent roll-away issues reported when the battery is low and the car goes in the opposite direction its meant to.


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