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Honda S2000 and Mazda RX-7 Renderings Sadly Have Nothing to Do with Reality

In a list of cars that are no longer among us that we'd like to see rebuilt in a modern fashion, the Mazda RX-7 and the Honda S2000 would rank among the highest.
Mazda RX-7 Rendering 10 photos
Honda S2000 speculative renderingHonda S2000 speculative renderingHonda S2000 speculative renderingHonda S2000 speculative renderingHonda S2000 speculative renderingHonda S2000 speculative renderingMazda RX-7 speculative renderingMazda RX-7 speculative renderingMazda RX-7 speculative rendering
It's not just because we've "driven" them in all the possible racing games, including Need For Speed in that period when they were obsessed with tuning and things that happen beneath the soil.

Along with Toyota Supra and Maybe Nissan 240SX, these two have got to be the most iconic Japanese sportscars ever created, even though they are actually rather different.

They were also THE sportscars while we were growing up, so we've been indoctrinated with their image on posters and chewing gum cards. If somebody asked us to draw a car back then, it was one of them we would had tried (and failed) to reproduce.

Luckily, technology has advanced since then and now all you need to come up with something like the renderings you see here is a series of photographs and some Photoshop skills.

These renders are quite old as they're dating almost three months back, but the recent teaser launched yesterday by Mazda ahead of the Tokyo Motor Show has suddenly given them (or at least one of them) more substance.

Mazda is clearly prepping a sportscar concept and given how there were rumors about the Japs still not letting go of the Wankel engine, hopes for a new RX-7 are higher than ever. Whether it will turn out to look anything like this drawing, that remains to be seen. We'd actually be a lot happier if it looked a bit more like the original, but we're nitpicking here.

Moving on to the new Honda S2000, this is where our Japanese artist Patty seems to have run out of ideas. The car is just a generic roadster (it's a Jaguar F-Type, actually) with a Honda face plastered on top (from the Urban Concept). Not exactly the stuff of dreams, is it?

To be quite frank, we're all fretting a little ahead of Mazda's sportscar reveal at the Tokyo Motor Show. It's not wise to get our hopes too high, but we can't really help it. Let's just hope that whatever it is they have in store for us will turn out to be more than just a concept in the near future.


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