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Honda's ASIMO Stealing Your Dance Moves

A small dancing step for Honda’s ASIMO, a huge leap for science: the adorable robot can now mimic your dance moves, so it doesn’t only have to rely on pre-programming to move around.
Researchers have used the Xbox Kinect system to allow users to control ASIMO - you just have to dance and the robot will copy your every move, with the exception of the extreme ones that would make it fall over, of course.

In addition to that, ASIMO can now read text-inspired gestures in order to communicate. Like we said, the major benefit is the fact the Asimo doesn’t need an infinity of program lines in order to move around.

Hmm... maybe the scientist didn’t do anything at all and what actually happened is the Asimo got his hands on Lykke Li’s “I Follow Rivers”. That would also explain the dancing.


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