Here’s Why It’s a Dumb Idea to Walk on The Windshield of Your Car

Larking with pals is always nice, but not when you end up doing damage to your car. That’s a lesson one man found out on his own in the latest hilarious video unearthed by the British tab Daily Mail.
Man tries to slide off the hood, on the windshield, fails 5 photos
Photo: YouTube / Daily Mail
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It shows one guy standing on the hood of his Volkswagen while his friends are filming him. The idea is for him to try and get off the hood by sliding on the windshield. He seems careful not to fall, perhaps thinking he might injure himself.

But judging by his reaction, neither he nor his mates expected for this to result in damage to the car, let alone a shattered windshield. Yet this is precisely what happened when the guy lost balance and landed flat on his ass on the window.

As the guy filming him approaches the car, you can see a round, almost heart-shaped crack in the glass. It’s almost the shape of the guy’s butt, because that’s where it landed.

On the bright side, neither the owner nor his friends were too upset about this. The car doesn’t look new and he seems to think the damage worth a few good laughs with his mates.

That said, it’s stupid to get on the hood of your car and not even consider something like this happening. Unless you’re a size 0 model or some kind of ninja, your weight can be enough to break the glass, especially if you fall down.

Just ask the dude who thought climbing on the windshield of his Lamborghini Huracan in Florida in July this year, so he could show off for the cameras. The glass cracked as he continued to pose for pictures, as his girlfriend panicked at the damage. Let’s just assume he was probably in denial and wept later, when he made sure no one was taking his picture.

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