Here's the Tesla Autopilot Decalogue of Do's and Don'ts

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It's hard to imagine people can learn how to drive a car with relative ease, and then they fail to understand when it's safe to launch Tesla's Autopilot feature and when it isn't.
Based on this assumption alone, you could be forgiven to believe that it's not so much that those who got in trouble while using the semi-autonomous driving feature didn't know how or when to use it, they just got overconfident in its abilities and decided to relax a little too much or too early.

Despite its sometimes confusing rhetoric, Tesla did state that the Autopilot is to be used only on highways or other roads with a physical divider and clear road markings. The fact that it tends to work under different circumstances as well should not be considered as a sign that Tesla doesn't know what it's talking about.

The EV manufacturer also says that drivers should be paying attention the their environments at all times and be ready to intervene if required, but studies have shown that the human brain needs at least one second - but usually more - to be fully immersed back into a complex activity such as driving after dozing off.

The recent incident in Florida showed that under some very unfortunate circumstances, the system isn't 100 percent failproof even when all the basic conditions are met - cruising on a highway with clear markings and a divider. Besides, as long as human beings drive most of the other cars on the road, you can never know what to expect less, and the car's AI even less so.

Bearing all this in mind, the guys at Drag Times took a break from racing cars on the quarter-mile dragstrip and decided to put together a video on how to use and not use the Autopilot. It's worth watching as you can never know when you learn something that might save your life someday.

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