Hellaflush Dodge Challenger Hellcat Could Be the First of Its Kind

Hellaflush Dodge Challenger Hellcat 1 photo
Photo: Screenshot from YouTube
We feared the day might come when the hellaflush subculture would abduct a Dodge Challenger Hellcat and force it to go down the stance route against its will. That time has sadly arrived, and we want to show you what might just be the first hellaflush Challenger Hellcat in the world.
Before we discuss this poor kitten, we have to explain that members of this subculture prefer to give up any asset of their cars in favor of the look given by lowering the machines and using a ridiculous negative camber angle.

While the hellaflush Hellcat in the video below may or may not be the first of its kind, we are still sad to see a 707 hp Challenger being treated this way. The low-riding muscle machine was taken to SEMA.

The essence of a Hellcat is the balance offered by its factory setup - people had been strapping superchargers to Challengers for years, but now you can get one of these with a setup done by SRT engineers and a warranty.

Sure, that doesn't mean one can't tune a Hellcat, but if you're going to give up on the asset mentioned above, you could at least do it in the name of an extreme project that makes the custom car world go round.

Instead, this Challenger comes with an altered factory setup that was installed for the sake of the car's appearance.

Oh well, at least this is a mild case of hellaflush, unlike those that have determined the authorities in Quebec to consider banning such modifications.

Back in the summer, the Quebec lawmakers started analyzing the phenomenon. Since heavy hellaflush examples can easily bring safety concerns, we can only agree.

For one thing, playing with the suspension geometry can bring nasty handling habits at speed. And when you have tons of horsepower and rear-wheel-drive, you don't want that.

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