Guy Instantly Regrets Being a Prick, Ends Up in Monster Crash

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Common psychology says that if you want to see a person’s true character, you should put him or her in a position of power, and it will immediately surface. But I don’t know, I find that hard to believe.
That would mean that we’re surrounded by mean, psychotic shmucks, because you don’t have to make someone the President of the United States of America to see what they’re made of, it’s enough to give them the false feeling of invulnerability conferred by a car.

There are perfectly decent people who turn into animals once they’re at the wheel and something happens that triggers their most basic reactions. I’m pretty sure that if Mother Theresa drove, she would have had a lot to talk about with God once she finally met him. Some convincing work would have had to be done in order to let the pearly gates open.

There is a very strange phenomenon going on in our brains that can be simplified to this: we suddenly become these self-appointed vigilantes that want to show the others how wrong they are and how badly they drive by “teaching them a lesson,” but at the same time we expect clemency whenever we commit a mistake. Double standards much?

And I’m saying “we” because I can detect all these demented behaviors in me as well, and even though I’d like to change, it doesn’t last for more than two or three lane changes with no blinker in front of me to start my educational campaign again. And the sad fact is that even though there is no result after all these years of preaching, I still haven’t given up. These are the signs of mad men that we’re all choosing to ignore.

Maybe the day when we experience something like what happened to the guy in the video below is the day we all wake-up. It’s the classic case of “I brake for nobody” that finally backfired, and it did so in spectacular fashion.

The Volkswagen Tiguan driver was coming on the road where our driver minded his own business. The vehicle uses the blinker and enters the lane, giving the filming car plenty of time to adjust its speed so that they don’t collide. In this case, the point the driver was trying to prove isn’t even a valid one: not only did he not attempt to reduce speed to let the Tiguan in - the common sense thing to do -, he actually accelerated to make sure he’s able to overtake him on what appears to be a double continuous line just to make sure he knows he did something wrong.

Of course, the combination of high speed, poor road surface and the sudden jerking of the steering wheel causes him to lose control, swerve left and right and then finally smash into a stationary trailer in what looks like a very bad crash. But it was all for a great cause: educating your fellow drivers.

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