Drugs Are Bad, M’Kay? Truck Driver in Chile Goes on a Rampage While DUI

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Photo: Screenshot from YouTube
We wouldn’t be very surprised if one day, somewhere in this world, this clip were used to showcase the negative influence video games have on our minds. Because let’s be honest here, what you are about to see seems taken straight out of a Grand Theft Auto game. And the similarities don’t end even when the driver gets out of the truck and goes on foot.
But this really happened, and the violent video games have nothing to do with it. Instead, the man behind the wheel was driving under the influence of some drugs (powerful ones, we’d assume), which were causing him to act erratically, to say the least.

The guy drives with absolutely no regard for the others’ safety, or even his own. He makes U-turns, drives on the wrong side of the road, splits lanes like he’s on a motorcycle and, finally, parks his truck in a very awkward position, smashing its cab against a highway overpass.

But for all the clouding of his mind, the drugs don’t seem to do anything to harm his physical condition, as our man gets out of the vehicle and keeps running, trying to get into some of the cars that are around him, but to no avail. In the end, he is immobilized by a group of men after a short struggle, pulled on the side of the road and probably kept there until the police arrived.

The best part is that, at least from what can be seen in the footage, nobody appears to be hurt. His insurance company will have a hefty bill to pay, though, but we’re pretty sure him being on drugs exonerates him of any kind of responsibility. As for the driver himself, he’s probably going to a place where drugs can only be obtained in exchange for cigarettes or personal favors. Really personal favors.

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