When You Want to Do It, but You’re Too Much of a Wuss to Go Through with It

Road rage accident 1 photo
Photo: Screenshot from YouTube
There’s nothing commendable about road raging. Getting your spirits high for no good reason isn’t exactly a virtue, but if you’ve gone and done it, then you’d better finish the job.
It’s absolutely ridiculous how easily people get flared up when they’re driving, as if being behind the wheel makes them the jumpiest persons in the world, for some impossible to understand reason. There are guys who seem like they’re one step away from committing murder, while others appear to have several of them under the belt already.

The streets are a dangerous place, so minding your own business and avoiding conflict is the best course of action. Sometimes, though, conflict finds you, and you’ll be in the position where you’re going to find a way to defuse the situation you got drawn into, or remember all those who have done you wrong in the past and concentrate that rage on the current harasser. That poor guy, he has no idea what’s coming his way.

These two in the clip have clearly got something going on. They don’t seem to be street racing per se, but rather attempting to show each other who’s the bigger man between them. Neither one wants to be left behind, so they behave irrationally just so they keep up with each other.

But you get the feeling that, if nothing happened, they would have carried this toothless little war of theirs until one of the cars ran out of gas. They were happy just to ride side by side and take turns in overtaking each other.

Karma was having none of that. Noticing that these two were all show and no game, it decided to squeeze the two lanes into one, forcing the cars either to let it go or have a go at each other. But it wasn’t enough. Seeing that it failed in its first attempt to solve the situation, karma placed a car in the way of the small white hatchback, prompting a quick moose-test evasive maneuver.

That did the job just fine, since the white car lost control and, after a series of failed attempts at saving the situation, it went off the road, taking the pickup with it. Good job, karma, you really nailed this one. Two at the price of one. You knew they wanted to do it, they just lacked that little push.

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