This Guy Went from Feelilng like a Superhero to Absolute Zero in Seconds

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As long as there will be roads and cars, there will also be people who will drive fast. It’s one of the axioms of this world, and there’s nothing the police or anybody else can do about it.
And it’s hard to be very critical of those who go a little over the limit, since we all do it at one point or another. Yes, it’s illegal and we shouldn’t do it, and that’s what we should be telling you, but we all know it wouldn’t change a thing.

But there're all kinds of speeding. There’s highway speeding, where there isn’t a car to be seen anywhere and you don’t have to worry about the oncoming traffic, and then there’s speeding through residential areas with schools and parks and kids playing on the driveways. In the eyes of the law, they’re both illegal, but for someone who’s not as blind and strict as the law, it’s not very hard to decide which of the two is more blamable.

And then there’s... whatever this guy in the clip below is doing. Going this fast on a road covered in snow means that you’re either suicidal, or a complete idiot. Yes, you’re probably feeling like Superman as you pass the other drivers as if they were stationary, but it’s a good idea to quit while you’re ahead. Just be happy nothing happened so far and lay off, pull over to the right lane and fall into the stream of cars moving at a decent pace.

This incident could have ended a lot worse, and by that we mean that the imbecile driving the dashcam car could have hit another vehicle on the road. Instead, he simply slams his own vehicle into the sidewalk curb, probably trashing his wheels and steering, while also looking like the complete nincompoop that he is.

And you can’t really blame the car that pulled over in front of him in order to turn left. You can, but he must have looked into the mirror and saw him a couple of hundred yards away, and figured he would have time to slow down and go round him. Not when you’re doing 80 miles an hour on snow, you don’t. And speeding wasn’t his only mistake. He almost certainly slammed the brakes, which did nothing short of turning his car into a sled.

Had he just lifted off the accelerator and maybe do a little engine braking, he would have had the time and space to enter in between the car turning left and the one coming from the opposite direction. Still, he would have risked a head-on collision, so maybe he quit being an asshole at the right time and actually took the decision that least endangered the others.

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