Guy Goes From Ford Mustang Mach-E to Tesla Model Y, Regrets It Very Much

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Tesla fans swear that their cars are the best electric vehicles on the market, despite anecdotal evidence that some things are not perfect. And yet, many people coming from other brands sometimes regret their decision. One Ford Mustang Mach-E owner explains what’s their biggest complaint after switching to a Tesla Model Y.
Are Tesla cars perfect? Even the most die-hard fans admit that build quality is not always on par with the price level. And it’s not only the fit and finish, but also things that break prematurely, sometimes very early into the ownership. Otherwise, it’s the little things that annoy owners, like not having stalks or a horn button where it should or Autowipers that don’t work. And yet, people swear that they wouldn’t buy other car brands. We even encounter those who switched sides, ditching a Tesla for another EV and regretting it to the point that they bought their old Tesla back.

One Redditor confessed that their experience with a Tesla Model Y made them regret the Ford Mustang Mach-E they owned before. Not to be misunderstood, they say not everything is bad about owning a Tesla. Among the things that they liked the most was the Supercharger network, which was also the main reason they bought the Tesla in the first place. Having more charging stations and more reliable options was great after patchy experiences with Electrify America and other third-party stations. The plug-and-play experience with Tesla Superchargers was also miles ahead of other stations.

Another advantage of owning a Tesla is, of course, the software experience. Many people praise Tesla for their infotainment system, and our Redditor makes no exception. The user interface is fluid, without the lags they were used to from the Mustang Mach-E. Also, the phone as a key feature worked perfectly, while with the Ford EV, they gave up on using it because of the buggy software. But these were all the nice things they could say about the Tesla.

The biggest complaint was Autopilot, even when compared to Ford’s BlueCruise. With the Model Y, they cannot use even the basic features like speed assist because they were scared of phantom braking. The last time they tried, the car braked hard for no reason, and the car behind had to swerve away. The things were so bad that they didn’t trust the system anymore and only used Tesla’s driver-assist features when no other cars were around.

The second problem is reliability or lack thereof. Their 2023 Model Y has already been in service three times, including for a missing brake pad on a front wheel. That’s unacceptable for a $60K+ car, but that was not all. They later got an error code related to Tesla Vision, and the SC technicians had to replace a camera. As if this was not enough, one of the rear windows started misbehaving, not always going up all the way after closing the door. The Mach-E was only once in service for a recall, and they offered a loaner during that time.

Like many other Tesla owners, our Redditor was also experiencing wind noise, creaks, and random vibrations. Autowipers were equally annoying, not starting when it mists or going full speed when the windshield is dry because a shadow excited the sensor. It takes a Tesla fan to love a Tesla, apparently.
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