Google Maps’ Latest New-Gen Idea Is Aimed at Discovering Neighborhoods

Google Maps is not just the best navigation app out there but also a great way to explore the world from the comfort of our sofas.
Neighborhood Vibe on Google Maps 11 photos
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And the most recent feature announced by the search giant at the Search On event this week comes specifically with this goal in mind.

Called Neighborhood Vibe, this feature is supposed to allow users to discover a neighborhood in the most straightforward way. In essence, this new tool is supposed to highlight the most popular places in a given neighborhood, but the way it does the whole thing is actually the most useful part.

Right now, if you want to look for places to eat, parks, cafes, and so on in a specific region, you can manually search for them in Google Maps. The only drawback is that you need to perform a search for each of them – for instance, you must look for parks, then launch another search for cafes, then restaurants, and so on.

What Neighborhood Vibe does is bring all of these under the same roof. When you launch the feature, it displays all the attractions in a given region, so you can see them listed on the same screen. It’s one search for everything, so it’s not just restaurants or parks.

The company says it’s using not only the content from people like you and me but also the power of AI, as the purpose of this feature is to provide you with the results that are important and, more notably, relevant for each user.

Needless to say, Neighborhood Vibe will definitely come in handy to tourists who are looking to explore a specific region, but at the same time, it can also be used by people who are bored and want to do something new in their neighborhoods.

The feature will go live on both iPhone and Android, with the rollout to start in the coming months.


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