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Google Brings a Key Google Maps Navigation Feature to More Users

The navigation guidance offered by Google Maps has become a must-have capability for millions of modern drivers out there. But on the other hand, Google Maps isn’t an app that’s exclusive to drivers.
Navigation directions for cycling on Google Maps 6 photos
Navigation directions for cycling on Google MapsNavigation directions for cycling on Google MapsNavigation directions for cycling on Google MapsNavigation directions for cycling on Google MapsNavigation directions for cycling on Google Maps
For example, if you’re seeking directions to find a specific place around the city and you want to travel on foot. In that case, Google Maps is always ready to provide walking paths.

The same for cycling. Google Maps also support navigation directions for those who’d rather go for a bike and not a car, with the experience overall based on the same approach as in a vehicle.

And this week, the Mountain View-based search giant announced that navigation directions for cyclists are now going live in Singapore, as the company is trying to rapidly expand the availability of this feature across the world.

In case you’re wondering why the rush, the reason is as simple as it could be. The last two years have pushed many people out there from public transportation to alternative methods to quickly reach a specific destination, and in many cases, cycling was the preferred option.

As a result, with more and more people traveling by bike in many large cities across the world, the usage of Google Maps directions for cyclists has also skyrocketed. This is why Google is trying to make this feature available to as many people as possible, though it goes without saying the process isn’t exactly as easy as it sounds.

In Singapore, Google worked together with the transport authority and the National Parks Board, so overall, Google Maps now covers some 6,800 km (that’s some 4,225 miles for our American readers) of cycling trails.

Needless to say, expect the availability of cycling directions in Google Maps to expand to more locations rather sooner than later, though for now, the parent company has remained completely tight-lipped on its long-term strategy on this front.


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