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Gi FlyBike Is an Electric Commuter with 40-Mile Range that Folds in 1 Second

Elon Musk may have just unveiled the fresh Model X, but premium SUVs are not the only vehicles that get commuters’ attention these days. Think of the electric bicycles in the world of city transportation as you do with Tesla Motors sitting among other carmakers in the automotive industry.
Gi FlyBike 1 photo
This time around, we’re going to the beautiful city of New York, because that is where this electric bicycle was born. With a smooth look, futuristic design, and a noteworthy battery range, it may as well become one of the clean means of last-mile two-wheelers for busy people living in crowded cities. Nothing unusual so far, you’ll think, and you’d be right, but it does have one feature that makes it interesting.

Made of lightweight aircraft grade aluminum, Gi FlyBike can be taken anywhere, whether it’s a bus or a train, at the office or in a locker. And it does that with the least effort, considering it takes about the same time you wink to fold it. How do they know people are interested? Well, the bicycle you see here is, in fact, a newer, more affordable, patent-pending Gi FlyBike, that comes after last year’s successful Kickstarter campaign.

In terms of features, we’re looking at a 40-mile battery range, integrated rear lights, electric "flight" assistance, a smart locking system, bright lights, smartphone charger, and anti puncture tires. Here’s how the bike’s creators feel about their brainchild:

Gi FlyBike symbolizes our desire to change the world for the better. Commuting can affect our outlook on the day ahead but more importantly, it impacts our perspective, society, and planet. With Gi FlyBike, we believe that thoughtful design and technology can take us into the next generation of transportation, to create more efficient and eco-friendly cities with happier people.

Like it or not, they have already exceeded the initial goal, which means you can already consider pre-ordering for one. If you do so, you should know the price tag is about $1,500.


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