General Motors BrightDrop Sells 5,400 More EV Vans to Merchants Fleet

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The BrightDrop EV410 is what the industry is calling an electric light-duty commercial vehicle or eLCV. With a range of up to 250 miles per charge, General Motors sees these vans as the vehicles that can decarbonize last-mile deliveries.
That last-mile delivery is the one that sees the package to its final destination. Think of the UPS, Amazon, or even the USPS vans that roll up and down your local neighborhood roads each day.

Those vehicles are responsible for a huge about of carbon emissions. If General Motors has any say, BrightDrop EV410 Vans will be a major part of the solution. Merchant Fleets comes into play for multiple reasons.

First, as the fastest-growing fleet management company in the nation, they're in a prime position to leverage the benefits of the EV410. First, they'll enjoy the expected low maintenance of these all-electric vans. In addition, they know that customers will want vans that are cheaper to run day in and day out.

"We are dedicated to meeting our fleet clients’ EV needs, from top to bottom... every fleet has different requirements, so we need to provide flexibility and offer best-in-class solutions, at every level. The electrification of fleet is no longer in the future – it is here, and we are proud to work with BrightDrop to reach diverse segments and drive this transformation forward," said Brendan P. Keegan, CEO at Merchants Fleet.

One other benefit of the EV410 is that because it carries a gross vehicle weight rating of less than 10,000 pounds, no additional operating licenses are required to drive it. BrightDrop CEO Travis Katz is looking beyond this order, though.

“The collaboration with Merchants Fleet opens the door for other companies that want to electrify their fleets by providing access to our portfolio of electric vehicles, which is a critical step toward decreasing vehicle-related emissions in the communities where we live.”

So long as these vans, including the EV600, can be reliable despite the heavy demands on them, we expect General Motors to do quite well with them. No other company is as close to production with a similar product.
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