Fusar Launches Social Media and Intercom App

Fusar announces that their specialized social media and intercom app is now available, offering a new way to interact for the motorcyclists who ride together often.
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Fusar app and gearFusar app and gearFusar app and gearFusar app and gearFusar app and gearFusar app and gearFusar app debuts
The new app works as a social media platform that uses the Internet connection of a smartphone to bring together up to 12 people simultaneously. The Fusar app also integrates the Mohawk action camera and the Bluetooth Remote Control (BRC), and can be used by other adrenaline seekers practicing other sports, such as cycling, skiing, snowboarding and more.

And because the Fusar technologies use cloud-based communication, the range limitations that often plague traditional intercom systems are now a thing of the past. With either Fusar or other compatible Bluetooth headsets, users will be able to communicate in real time with their friends, post short videos, alert the group in case of road hazards, weather events, accidents, and all.

Emergency alerts to the closest EMS dispatchers can also be sent using the Fusar app, as well as notifications to users predefined as "guardian angles," letting them know when an individual is heading out for a solo ride/ outing. These fellows will receive an automated message that also includes the location of the sender, for a more efficient response in case of need.

The Fusar app also allows users to share routes and videos or photos along the way, keeping in touch with their buddies, regardless of whether they are at home or on a different trip.

The app debuts simultaneously with the first day of shipping for the F7 Bluetooth Headset and the bar-mount remote control units, but it looks like the customers who want the Mohawk action camera will still have to wait a bit. The F7 Bluetooth headset is available for $80 (€72), the handlebar remote control is $90 (€81), while getting them as a bundle comes at a discounted price of $160 (€144). The Fusar Mohawk action camera can be preordered for $250 (€225) or as a complete package for $400 (€360).

Right now, only the Android app is avalable.


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