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Hog-O-Caster Is an Electric Guitar Made from Real Harley-Davidson Parts

We're not sure if any major guitar manufacturer would pick up this idea, but we definitely like the Hog-O-Caster. In case you're not a guitar guy and wonder what's with the "caster" thing, we'll tell you that is comes from the Fender universe, as a part of the name of two iconic guitar models, the Telecaster and the Stratocaster.
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Terry MOJO Johnson's Hog-O-Caster guitarTerry MOJO Johnson's Hog-O-Caster guitarTerry MOJO Johnson's Hog-O-Caster guitar
The Hog-O-Caster belongs to Terry "Mojo" Johnson from the band The Swamp Drivers, a guy who often makes his own guitars. Now, if the "swamp" in the name of his band was not enough for a hint, you should prepare for some southern rock with a healthy dose of blues and rock-n-roll, often played on makeshift instruments, just like the Hog-O-Caster.

As Terry says, one of his buddies brought him a box of old Harley-Davidson parts and he thought that they were just enough to make a guitar. The body of the instrument, which is most of the times made of wood, was replaced by a large rear sprocket, to which a clutch cover was attached.

In a way, this combination could have served as a small resonator box, but Terry decided to skip the bridge pickup and go for the twangy sound the neck pickup provides, all in all, a more suitable tone for southern rock and The Swamp Drivers' music.

This left the 100th-anniversary badge on the clutch cover intact and fully displayed, and this adds to the mojo of the Hog-O-Caster. After drilling the cover and installing the tone and volume pots, Terry replaced their caps with two small metal gears, for a consistent motorcycle-themed look.

The wooden neck comes from a regular electric guitar, but at the opposite end, we'll find more Harley parts. The quarter-inch jack is screwed into a Sportster 1200 airbox cover, while the tailpiece that holds the strings' bullet ends screwed into a brake lever. Two slash-cut exhaust pipes round up the build and give a more bike-ish vibe to the Hog-O-Caster.

This guitar is clearly not on par with a regular Fender or old-school Gretsch, and neither will it even sound like a Jackson or ESP, but for The Swamp Drivers, this looks like one of the best axes out there. And we enjoyed their song, too!


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