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Foxconn Reveals the Model C, Model E, and Model T: Ford Will Be Mad
We have been anticipating Foxtron’s (aka Hon Hai) new products for quite a while. On September 15, we published leaked images of one of these cars. On October 13, we talked about all three of them and how Model C referred to a C-segment SUV. The leaked photos were for the E-segment sedan. If it were named Model E, Hon Hai would have a problem with Ford. Well, it was, but it gets even worse.

Foxconn Reveals the Model C, Model E, and Model T: Ford Will Be Mad

Foxtron Model TFoxtron Model CFoxtron Model C and Terry Gou, Hon Hai's FounderFoxtron Model C, Model E and Terry Gou, Hon Hai's FounderFoxtron Model C and Terry Gou, Hon Hai's FounderFoxtron Model E and Terry Gou, Hon Hai's FounderFoxtron Model CFoxtron Model E
We had no clue how the Taiwanese titan would name its electric bus, and Foxconn decided to name it the Model T. Yes, the same name for Ford’s sales champion, the car that put the world on wheels. Hon Hai will have to think about other names to put these vehicles into production or to cut an excellent deal with Ford to keep the ones it chose now. Tesla has tried to name the Model 3 as Model E and failed: Ford threatened to sue it.

Regardless of what the names will be, Hon Hai shared more information about its future Foxtron products. The most important one is the Model C, a C-segment SUV that is 4.64 meters (182.7 inches) long and has a wheelbase of 2.86 m (112.6 in). According to the company, it will be a 5+2 vehicle, probably like the Opel Zafira once was, with the two folding seats on the third row.

The most impressive thing about the Model C is its range: 700 kilometers (435 miles). Foxconn did not disclose under which testing cycle but said it was possible because of a focus on energy efficiency. Despite being an SUV, the Model C has a drag coefficient of 0.27. It would also be able to accelerate from 0 to 100 kph (97 mph) in 3.8 seconds.

The company did not mention when it plans to sell it but said it would have “a reasonable price, comparable to a fuel-powered car.” Asia Nikkei went to the event and got the information that the Model C should be for sale by 2023. The source also revealed that Foxconn plans to sell this vehicle for less than 1 million New Taiwan dollars ($35,696 at the current exchange rate).

The Model E was indeed developed with Pininfarina, as we have anticipated. The E-segment sedan did not have its dimensions revealed, only its performance numbers. According to Foxconn, it could reach 100 kph from a standstill in 2.8 s thanks to 750 hp, all that with a 750-km range, also under an undisclosed test cycle.

The HHTD21 (Hon Hai Tech Day) was held on Hon Hai’s founder’s birthday. Terry Gou said the EV was the best birthday present he could ever receive, which was why he arrived at the event driving the machine.

The Model T – the electric urban bus – has already run 200,000 km (124,274 mi) in acceleration endurance tests and undergone 1,000 hours of rigid strength tests. The company did not reveal how big its battery pack is – nor how big are those in the other two EVs – but said it could resist 400ºC (752ºF) and offer a range of 400 km. Its top speed is 120 kph (75 mph).

Hon Hai’s automotive partner was also present at the HHTD21 (Hon Hai Tech Day). Yulon’s CEO, Lilian Yen Chen, said that the first partners to use the MIH Open Platform would be its brands Luxgen and CMC. That suggests that the first vehicles to be sold with it will be those from Foxconn’s automotive brand, Foxtron.

According to Asia Nikkei, Hon Hai plans to produce its EVs closer to their markets to reduce costs. In the U.S., they will be made at the former Lordstown factory, which will also manufacture the Endurance pickup truck for the American startup. In Asia, Foxconn will establish an EV factory in Thailand with the oil company PTT. Foxconn Chairman Young Liu said that the company would soon announce its plans to make EVs in Europe. There are plenty of closing factories in the Old Continent that would suit Hon Hai pretty well.

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