Floyd Mayweather: "About to Take My Bugatti Veyron Out for a Spin"

About to Take My Bugatti Veyron Out for a Spin 1 photo
Floyd Mayweather isn't exactly a standard setter in sportsmanship, but he is one of the most successful boxers ever from a financial point of view. And ever since he's been hanging out with 50 Cent, his car collection has grown and grown.

He has a Rolls Royce Phantom, a Bentley Mulsanne and a 1996 600S Mercedes Benz, all white, all blingy.

However, even those amazing motors pale in comparison to the Bugatti Veyron he posted on Instagram this weekend. The thousand horsepower hypercar is a status symbol for rappers and athletes aline.

In other Bugatti news, did you guys check out Flo Rida's grotesque gold piece? That car got him in trouble a couple of years back when he had his license suspended for speeding and he had it chromed once as well.

Thankfully, Mayweather has given his toy that king of treatment.


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