Floating Lada Is Ready for Russian Cyberpunk 2077

Correct me if I'm wrong, but the world of the super-hot upcoming game Cyberpunk 2077 is somewhere between fictional and a future version of our own. It's based in America, but the metropolis you operate from is called Night City, which as far as I know is not a real place.
Floating Lada Is Ready for Russian Cyberpunk 2077 3 photos
Photo: FRM46 (Evgeny Zubkov)
Floating Lada Is Ready for Russian Cyberpunk 2077Floating Lada Is Ready for Russian Cyberpunk 2077
Night City starts as a suburb between San Francisco and Los Angeles. However, pollution and poverty turn it into a hellhole where the strong pray on the weak and corporations dominate every aspect of life.

Sure, you can still have some fun, get some drugs, shoots some guns. In that regard, this wild place kind of reminds me of Russia. Sure, the hot girls aren't 50% robot, and Moscow mobsters don't have floating cars. But what if they did?

The Cyberpunk universe lore is very clear that the whole world is in a bad state: acid rain, flooding, storms, etc. We can imagine that places at a higher like St. Petersburg would become warmer, lusher, while Moscow could be a shell of its former self.

A Russian artist named FRM46 (Evgeny Zubkov) gave us a glimpse of futuristic yet nostalgic tech. Yes, it's the classic Lada from the Soviet era, but not as you know it. Instead, it's flying around on tech Tony Stark would make while propelled by some rusty reactor on the roof. Now that's pod racing!

The future is autonomous, of course, so the man at the wheel can keep himself busy, browsing the net on the windshield. Perhaps he's looking for a local party, spare parts for his local leg or a bionic liver so he can drink all the vodka he wants.

Evgeny is really talented, especially for a 23YO. While he hasn't made any other cyberpunk cars, his gallery (seems to be a collaboration) depicts a Russia with one foot in the past and the other cemented in 2077. If CD Projekt Red ever decide to make a sequel set in Russia, they would be foolish not to hire a guy like him.
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