Fisker Planning to Make Chevy Volt Rival

The Chevrolet Volt is truly a force to be reckoned with, and a ‘green’ effort GM should really be proud of, however, they have attracted a lot of attention, and other manufacturers will undoubtedly ‘adapt’ the formula and bring out rivals for this car.
Fisker 1 photo
One manufacturer who made a range-extender EV before GM is Fisker, and according to, who have obtained inside information, the American carmaker will launch its own Chevy Volt rival, which will sit on a new platform developed by Fisker, which is called ‘P Plaftorm’.

The source article also suggests that there’s a connection between Fisker and the Fiat/Chrysler group, which may lead to a co-developed car. If it proves to be true, this ‘connection’ would enable Fisker to make the car they want, yet cheaper, quicker and easier, at one of Chrysler’s many production facilities scattered across the US.

We hope this rumor turns out to be true, as a smaller and cheaper car styled by Henrik Fisker, with a green powertrain is something you simply cannot not look forward to seeing.


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