Ferrari Dismisses Replicas after Spanish Police Arrests Builder Network

Ferrari seems to have had enough of the replica market, with the Prancing Horse recently issuing a statement in which it talks about those that try to copy its models.
Ferrari Replicas confiscated by Spanish Police 1 photo
It all started in Spain, where the police recently arrested a network of replica builders. The eight people had put together 17 replicas of the Ferrari F430 and 458 Italia. The clip below shows some of these cars and they seem to have pretty good details that could easily fool someone who doesn’t know his way around cars.

The Ferrari replicas even came with fake centrally-mounted engines. Their actual powerplants were mounted up front, with most of these using four-cylinder Toyota units. That's because we're talking about Toyota Celica base cars.

Ferrari seems to be pretty upset about the whole matter and we even hear some Captain Obvious lines in its release: "If you really want a Ferrari, knock on the door of a Maranello dealership, to be found in 62 countries around the world with over 200 dealers: there you are bound to find the real car of your dreams."

You can find Ferrari’s full statement in the PDF file below.

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 Download: Ferrari Dismisses Replicas (PDF)


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