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Ferrari 360 Owner Proves You Can't Live With a Supercar Daily Driver

Ferrari owner and all-round car afficianado Doug DeMuro has been posting frequent videos on Youtube ever since he bough his 360, a supercar that Maranello made before the 458 and F430. Most are pretty funny, showing the stupid ways in which people react when they see a supercar. However, the clip from today brings sad news to anybody still dreaming of supercar ownership.
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Over the course of a week-long experiment, the Ferrari owner proves that living with a supercar on a day to day basis is not a good idea. Sure, you might be able to drive it around. But there are so many factors stacked up against you that it's simply not worth the trouble.

The lack of storage space and the incapacity to carry more than one passenger in a decent manner are quite obvious. However, there are other problems as well. For example, the Ferrari owner rightly points out that you will be forever worried about somebody damaging your paintjob. This problem is something Jeremy Clarkson also famously admitted having with the Ferrari he once owned. A 355 was it?

The suspension of the 360 is also rock-hard and makes going over any imperfections in the road unpleasant. You could live with that, but why would you ever want to when you're not actually going that fast or having any fun? A small fortune to run
But the biggest, yet also least known, problem Doug explains is the cost of ownership. Insurance is, as you'd expect, super-expensive and putting any miles on the car seriously depreciates its value when it's resale time. Basically, driving a Ferrari every day is similar to burning money to keep warm – you can do it, but there are much better ways to go about your business.

We did a quick check of the internet and found a couple of second-hand Ferrari 360 Modenas for sale in California at $110,000. For that kind of money, you can get an Audi RS7 or a BMW M5, which will be a lot more comfortable and safer to drive on the road.

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