F-Type R: How Jaguar Engineered the Perfect Engine Roar

The F-Type R is not Jaguar's first 5-liter supercharged V8, is it? And yet we are fascinated with it more than the XKR-S, XFR-S and XJR all bundled together with a very large feline leash. Why is that? It's certainly one of the most beautiful cars that God has allowed us to make, but that sound… oh that glorious sound is the cherry, the icing and filling of the cake.
F-Type R: 1 photo
The growl and roar of this car is akin to that of supercar royalty and yet you can have it for Porsche 911 money. This tangibility, this proximity to the gods of exhaust sound combines with the heritage of the old E-Type to create a perfect masterpiece. Not a lot of tuners have targeted the F-Type. Coincidence? Not really.

It might sound like we're tooting Jaguar's horn on this one and we might be true. The new Corvette sounds pretty good too, but we assure you the F-Typer R really is as cool as we make it sound. Here are a few journalist buzzwords we think best describe this car and its exhaust:
  • 10 lions roaring
  • Vickers machine guns
  • The Royal Air Force Spitfires from WW II
  • A Led Zeppelin guitar solo
  • The Millennium Falcon and Starship Enterprise combined
  • The Batmobile

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