EVE Online Uprising Update Goes Live, Adds New Navy Dreadnoughts and Destroyers

EVE Online Uprising key art 6 photos
Photo: CCP Games
EVE Online Uprising expansionEVE Online Uprising expansionEVE Online Uprising expansionEVE Online Uprising expansionEVE Online Uprising expansion
EVE Online’s next major update, Uprising, is now live. Officially revealed back in September, Uprising brings important changes to Factional Warfare, new ships, and a plethora of quality-of-life improvements and visual enhancements.
Focusing on story, the Uprising expansion introduced new dreadnoughts, one for each of the four major empires: Amarr Empire, Caldari State, Gallente Federation, and Minmatar Republic. These new ships add some variety and new strategic choices for fleets engaging in both PvP and PvE activities.

For example, the Naglfar Fleet Issue has been specifically designed to provide fleets with massive firepower. On its own, the Naglfar Fleet Issue is quite versatile thanks to its dual armor and shield repair bonuses that enable it to withstand quite a lot of punishment from the enemy. On the other hand, the Moros Navy Issue offers similar damage output and improved armor repair strength, plus increased range.

Furthermore, the Phoenix Navy Issue is the new missile-focused dreadnought thanks to its precision guided-weapons with increased damage and target painter bonus, plus reduced reload time. Last but not least, the brand-new Revelation Navy Issue offers increased bonuses to damage and energy transfer.

As far as the new destroyers go, you’re looking at beefed-up versions of the Catalyst, Coercer, Cormorant, and Thrasher. The new Navy Issue models provide important improvements across the board, so you’ll definitely want these in your hangar instead of the standard versions.

EVE Online Uprising expansion
Photo: CCP Games
Blueprints for the new ships can be acquired from faction militia stores and cost Loyalty Points. With the release of Uprising, the Loyalty Point cost for the navy ship blueprints has been reduced to make the new ships more accessible. Additionally, the Neurolink Conduit components have been removed completely from all subcapital navy ship blueprints.

Moving on to the Factional Warfare changes, the most important one is the new Frontlines features. Uprising introduces different operational states for systems in a Factional Warfare warzone:

  • Frontline - adjacent to an enemy-controlled star system, the absolute heart of the battle, and the highest level of reward.
  • Command Operations - adjacent to a Frontline system, vital for strategic supremacy with standard LP rewards.
  • Rearguard - when none of the above apply, a relative safe zone in the maelstrom.

Another important change to Factional Warfare is the addition of more restrictions to complexes. Also, changes to site naming in order to better communicate the associated challenge and restrictions of the sites have been implemented too.

For those who love to personalize their ships, Uprising brings additional emblems as part of the Heraldry system, which allows customization of over 100 ships. All players that are in an NPC corporation will have access to their NPC corporation iconography when using their corporation emblems, CCP explains.

But wait, there’s more! The update introduces a new in-game corporation – Paragon, which features 11 stations spread across Highsec and Lowsec, complete with Paragon agents that provide players with missions that award EverMarks. The latter can be used to purchase emblems at Loyalty Point stores in those Paragon stations. More importantly, when a player in a corporation earns EverMarks, the corporation earns them too. Also, during the promotion period, the ratio of player and corp EverMarks earned will be 1 to 1.

EVE Online Uprising expansion
Photo: CCP Games
If you love spending time in your hangar coming up with new fits for your corp friends, you’ll be happy to know that CCP rolled out massive enhancements to Upwell hangars. Not to mention that you will now be able to see other ships you have docked at your current Upwell structure, something that wasn’t previously possible.

Several new quality-of-life changes based on feedback received from the EVE community are part of the Uprising expansion too. Here are some of the most important ones:

  • Alliances are getting their own version of the Corporation Fittings. Alliances can now have their fleet doctrines accessible to everyone in the alliance for ease of access when they are stocking their hangars for conflict.
  • The maximum number of fleet mates which can be added to the watch list window has been significantly increased, so now your logistics wing can keep a much-expanded watchful eye over its fleet members.
  • If you are in a ship when initiating a clone jump, you will now automatically disembark, wait out the timer and then clone jump, saving you some clicks before jumping into a different clone at another location.
  • There have been changes to rules surrounding Abyssal Deadspace filaments and their activation. Higher level filaments will now require pilots to be in systems with a security status of 0.5 to 0.7, lest they incur a suspect timer.
  • Alpha pilot characters can no longer change their safety setting to red.
  • A series of changes to make Highsec ganking more costly, which will affect decision making when looking for targets. These include adjustments to the docking and tethering rights of characters with low-security status.

Last but not least, from 11-17 November, players who log in daily will receive thousands of Skill Points that can be used to train up much-needed skills. Also, Versus Blueforce and Redforce SKINs are available as rewards too. Besides these freebies available for everyone, Omega players will also get Versus SKINs for the new battlecruisers and an extra 275,000 skill points.

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