Europe Is Getting Its Ultra-Fast Charging Stations Network Capable of 350 kWh

European car manufacturers have been making some very striking claims lately regarding their future vehicles' charging times. With nothing to show for at the moment, some people were quick to dismiss them as "vaporware" and then go back to worshiping Tesla.
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A press release that came out today shows what that was all about. A consortium of private companies and the "Connecting Europe Facility" of the European Union are announcing the launch of the Ultra-E project. The code name refers to a network of 25 charging points that link Holland, Belgium, Germany, and Austria.

But the best thing about these stations is that they offer a charging power of up to 350 kWh, which is more than double what Tesla's Superchargers can deliver, and a staggering seven times more than the majority of current European standard chargers.

Of course, at this moment, no existing EV can take advantage of the immense power output (Teslas lead the way with 120 kWh), but expect the future offerings from the likes of Audi, BMW or Renault - all active members of the Ultra-E project - to find them very useful.

Both Volkswagen and Porsche officials have hinted at electric cars that can replenish their battery - or a large percent of it - in no more than 15 minutes, meaning long-distance traveling in an electric car would no longer be something extremely time-consuming.

The total cost of the project is estimated at around 13 million Euro ($14.3 million), half of which is financed by the European Union. But even if it weren't, with so many big names of the automotive industry involved, that kind of money feels like pocket change. With the completion date set for 2018, the new Ultra-E charging stations should arrive just in time for all the new electric vehicles announced by the waking European manufacturers.

We are very happy to start the Ultra-E project with a strong partner consortium now and thereby build an important first cornerstone for the European Ultra-Fast-Charging infrastructure of the future,” stated
Dr. Marcus Groll, Director High Power Charging at Allego GmbH.

Building 25 charging stations isn't much when looking at the greater picture, but it's a start in a direction that Europe has long been overlooking. It looks like nobody wanted to make the first step - car makers didn't build the EVs, and power companies did not offer the infrastructure. We're still a long way from seeing any real electric cars from Audi, BMW or Renault (OK, the i3 and especially ZOE are decent) and the continent is far from being covered in Ultra-E charging stations, but it's a sign both parties have set the wheels in motion. Just push the gas accelerator pedal, guys.

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