Quebec Could Make EV Charging Stations Mandatory for Every New Home

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"If you build it, they will come." Forget whatever this quote was about in the movie that made it famous (something about a baseball court in a corn field and some ghost players, if I recall correctly), it will now apply to a much more practical aspect of our lives.
It's one thing to complain about the air quality in a city and to expect the population to forgo the conveniency of a classic vehicle with an internal combustion engine and go electric, and a completely different one to actually do something to help them make the decision. And some of them (or should I say "us"?) don't need that much: just a gentle poke, that tiny drop that finally tilts the scale one particular way.

One thing that could be holding back some potential EV owners is the absence of a charging unit at home. Yes, installing one isn't that hard, but it could add to other small inconveniences related to driving an electric car and tilt that scale I was mentioning before the wrong way. We all like to have a fireplace with real fire made with real wood, but if the house doesn't have one to begin with, we're not that eager to build one, right? Even though we theoretically could.

Imagine moving into a house with a 240V charging station already built. Wouldn't that give you an extra incentive to go out and make that second car of the household an electric one? It's like the house is pulling your sleeve and urging you to go electric, something regular homes don't do.

The local authorities in Quebec seem to have realized this and are now considering a law that would make installing these charging stations mandatory for all new houses. They're not being absurd, and they're even offering a subsidy of two-thirds out of the total cost, so even the aspect of finances is taken out of the way.

The law is currently being evaluated, according to Le Journal de Montreal, with an impact study underway to determine whether it is feasible or not. They will have an answer this summer, and then a decision will be made. With an estimated cost of around $500 per station, that's really something anybody buying a new house can afford. How about the electric car to go with it? Well, that remains to be seen.
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