Elite Dangerous’ Next Update Is the Most Exciting in Years

The Azimuth Saga is one of the many mysteries of Elite Dangerous’ narrative. It began back in October 2020, with the strange appearance of an abandoned 200-year-old megaship called The Adamastor, discovered in the Chukchan system.
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Over the course of the next one and a half years that followed the appearance of the mysterious vessel, the fine folks at Frontier Developments have advanced the narrative through regular updates that slowly but surely brought it closer to a big finale.

Elite Dangerous’ own “Illusive Man,” who goes by the name of Salvation, coincidently emerged in the game at the same time to repeal the Thargoid threat using a completely new and very powerful prototype Anti-Xeno weapon.

All three major factions in Elite Dangerous – The Alliance, Empire, and Federation, rallied behind Salvation, realizing that they have a much better chance of beating the Thargoids when working together with the enigmatic figure.

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Photo: Frontier Developments
Ironically, Salvation didn’t prove to be the “salvation” that everyone hoped to be; on the contrary. Consequential updates introduced more tidbits of information about Salvation discovered by players, which reveal Salvation’s true identity, personal history, as well as unethical research methods.

Information recently uncovered in the DG Canum Venaticorum system has been presented by Professor Alba Tesreau. It suggests that Salvation’s real name is Dr. Caleb Wycherley, former vice-president of research at Azimuth Biochemicals. According to Wycherley’s personal logs, his team contributed to the development of the controversial mycoid bioweapon deployed by INRA during the First Thargoid War. Wycherley’s logs also provide evidence that he gained the nickname of ‘The Witch.’ This figure has been implicated in the murderous attack on the Alexandria megaship in June 3307 and in Project Seraph recordings found in the HIP 26176 and HIP 22460 systems.”

Even so, Salvation remains a powerful ally in the fight against the Thargoids, a far more dangerous and menacing threat. That’s one of the reasons the three factions remain committed to supporting Salvation in his war against the Thargoids.

Earlier this week, Frontier Developments announced that Update 13 for Elite Dangerous: Odyssey will bring the game’s long-running storyline, The Azimuth Saga, to its dramatic finale. The highlight of the upcoming update is Salvation’s plan to unleash the Proteus Wave, a superweapon he claims will stop the Thargoid threat once and for all.

Update 13 will include much more than the conclusion of The Azimuth Saga storyline, but it’s far more important because of that since it will pave the way for future Elite Dangerous content updates throughout the rest of 2022 and beyond. Basically, it will bring the end of a storyline and introduce players to a newer, bigger threat.

Elite Dangerous screenshot
Photo: Frontier Developments
Elite Dangerous players who want to join the fight against the Thargoids may head to the HIP 22460 system, where they will find plenty of Anti-Xeno Conflict Zones. More importantly, Frontier Developments revealed that some of these zones will have capital ships from the three main factions, the Federation, Empire, and Alliance, as they attempt to buy Salvation the time he needs to build and power up the Proteus Wave.

All players who take part in the event will be notified about Salvation’s progress in building his powerful weapons via in-game broadcasts until the moment the Proteus Wave is activated.

The finale of the Azimuth Saga, along with Update 13, will be released on August 9. Also, Elite Dangerous players who missed any of the happenings in the Azimuth Saga, or those who want to get involved, should read more about the events so far on the game’s official forums. Either way, the next events in Elite Dangerous will dramatically change the status quo, so you don’t want to miss what happens after the update drops next week.
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