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Dubai Police Bugatti Chiron Is Just a Rendering, But Give It Some Time

When it comes to Dubai, fictional creations are the ones struggling to keep up with reality. And we're ready to bet this is also true for the rendering above.
Bugatti Chiron Dubai Police Rendering 1 photo
So while the Bugatti Chiron may have received the Dubai Police uniform only in the pixel world for now, expect to see Molsheim's mechanical jewel serving the officers in the United Arab Emirates one day. Meanwhile, we must thank Miletic Design for this rendering.

When the Dubai Police first started adding jaw-dropping machines to its vehicle pool a few years ago, many expected the PR stunt to end soon. Nevertheless, the officers having constatly updating their fleet, which now includes rides as diverse as the 700 hp Brabus-massaged Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG and the BMW i8.

Sure, most of the time these high-octane behemoths are simply paraded around to deliver an affluence message, but you should know the police officers recently put their vehicle's velocity abilities to the test.

We're referring to the street racing-abolishing operation we recently told you about, which saw the Dubai Police seizing no less than 81 cars. Some of the drivers obviously didn't want to go down without a fight, so the most reckless of them tried to outrun the authorities by hitting speeds of up to 196 mph (make that 315 km/h if you're a fan of the metric system).

The light bar-wearing go-fast machines obviously did their job well, with the runaway drivers being caught and fined around $27,000 each - the owners of the cars were also fined about $13,500 each. Given the kind of bank accounts many drivers in that part of the world enjoy, we hope the fines actually served their purpose.

Since we'll probably see more such actions in the future, we guess Dubai Police officers are looking forward to seeing the Chiron in the White-and-Green livery portrayed here.


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