Driver Fined for Letting the Police Van Pass

The next time you make way for an emergency vehicle, you’d better think twice. Moving just one inch over the line could cost you dearly and Phillip Lilley can confirm it. The 36-year-old driver was waiting in his Lexus at a junction in Droylsden, Manchester, when he saw a police van waiting behind him.

After he allowed the emergency vehicle to pass, he was informed that he was given a £60 fine and three penalty points.

"The guy in front of me pulled through the junction so I followed him. What am I supposed to do, just stay there and not move? I crossed the line 33 seconds after the lights turned to red, I was doing 12 miles per hour and my brake lights were on,”
Lilley was quoted as saying by the Daily Mail.

“The police van is clearly in view but I spoke to the Central Ticket Office and they said I shouldn't have moved. I wonder how many other people this has happened to. If this is standard practice then the next time I'm sitting at the traffic lights and an emergency vehicle comes, I'm not moving,” added Lilley.

The driver watched two cars drive through the red light ahead of him and then he did the same thing. When he got the letter that said he had been caught on camera jumping the light, Lilley was shocked and outraged.

“If the lights are red you are putting yourself in danger if you go through them. You risk getting a ticket but if there is evidence that backs it up that you have manoeuvred on behalf of an emergency vehicle then we will look into it,” said spokesman Karen Delaney.
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