Drifting Your Cruiser Bike in the Snow Is Crazy. And Fun!

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Photo: Youtube
The 3rd of November is sometimes much closer to the winter than we might believe in many places in the Northern hemisphere. However, if we think about early November in Canada, a snow-covered highway is not a thing that should surprise anyone. And if that place in Canada is Bathurst in New Brunswick, things are even clearer.
Maybe seeing an adventure bike equipped with winter/spiked tires or an Ural motorcycle with a sidecar would not be such an intriguing idea in the predicament. However, driving your car and catching up with a guy riding a perfectly casual cruiser in summer trim is indeed one thing we just don’t run into every day.

Now, the guy is obviously having quite a lot of fun while at it. We bet that this isn’t by far the first or second time he’s doing this. Even though to some, this guy might appear like a total fool, those who have defeated their initial horror of riding in the snow know how all this feels. After all, there are a lot of riders who would not jump on their bikes in anything but ideal conditions, and some are already terrified by riding in the wet.

Some like it rough

It’s okay, this is the way they’ve chosen to ride, but this doesn’t mean everybody should stay at home when the going gets tough. Oh, the risks? Of course there are some risks and they are bigger than what you have to face in a warm, dry, perfect-for-riding afternoon. But yet again, this is also a matter of choice.

This fellow’s bike has beefy tires which might make riding in the snow more difficult, as they won’t “dig” to the road surface for grip. But he still manages to go forward and even do a donut drift. The low seat of his bike allows him to use his feet as training wheels and keep the rubber side down. Easy on the gas and eyes on the road should get him safely home. Late, but safe. Enjoy!

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