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Double-Overtraking Maneuver Causes Massive Crash - Seatbelt Saves Life

The Russian driver in this video is just driving his car along, on a two-lane road, waits patiently for an area where he can legally overtake, and then attempts the maneuver.
Improper Overtaking in Russia 1 photo
However, the driver of a Renault/Dacia Logan, which was in front of him, suddenly decides to do the same thing, but without checking his mirrors.

The driver who was doing the proper overtaking maneuver is clipped and ends up crashing into a coach, which they were both trying to overtake, and then off into the grass. The other car is also thrown off the road and ends up on the other side, also in the grass.

In the impact, the dash-mounted camera changes position and ‘aims itself’ at the driver who, after deflating the airbag with his hands, unbuckles his seatbelt - good thing he was wearing it!

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