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Drunk Russian Man Plays GTA With Bulldozer in Parking Lot

Driving any sort of vehicle while under the influence of any sort of substance which may affect your judgement, sight, reaction times or conscience in any sort of way should never be attempted. Otherwise, you may end up making a fool of yourself, as well as having to pay for whatever damages you may have caused.
Take this Russian man, just driving his bulldozer in a parking lot - while drunk! Being intoxicated, he is unable to control what is basically just a piece of heavy machinery with some wheels strapped to it - not the most maneuverable combination. He ends up crashing into several cars and a light truck, before onlookers finally come to pull him out of the cab, in a very typically Russian way - through violence.

The man finally gets out on his own, yet he seems not the grasp the severity of his act, as he just stands around aimlessly, probably concentrating more on actually standing than anything else...


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