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Dumb U-Turn on Highway Causes Massive Crash in Russia

Highway on- and off-ramps are there for a reason. If you change your mind regarding the direction in which you want to travel, you are justifiably forced to drive to the next overpass, get on the off-ramp and then safely start driving in the desired direction.
If you don’t do that and you find the first gap in the guardrail and decide to do a U-turn, it could all end very badly, and not just for yourself. Take this normal and boring day on a Russian highway. Everybody is driving along, minding their own business, when an unweary driver does a U-turn, on the actual highway, in front of oncoming cars - you can see the result for yourself.

It is mind-boggling how somebody could even consider attempting a maneuver such as this one, knowing well enough that if you do stuff like that in Russia, it will inevitably end with a big bang - it will, however, take you less than 13.7-billion years to recover, though.


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