Don’t Use Google Maps to Drive to a Burger Place or You’ll End Up in a Volcano

Google Maps launched no less than 14 years ago, and since then, it has a grown at a pace that impressed everyone. The mapping data that it’s based on is updated regularly, all in an attempt to remain accurate and direct us from point A to point B in the most effective manner.
Burger place in the center of a volcano 1 photo
But this doesn’t necessarily mean that Google Maps can’t be wrong. And there’s a chance that some unlucky drivers in Philippines found this out on their own.

Google Maps incorrectly displays a burger stand and a bunch of other restaurants in the middle of a volcano, despite the fact that the nearest road is miles away from this location.

Kanlaon, which is also referred to as Canlaon, is actually an active volcano located in the island of Negros, Philippines, and a quick search on Google Maps shows that it’s also the home of a handful of pretty popular locations, such as Angel’s Burger, Ribshack, Leo’s Chon, and Jollibee. So if you’re looking for a good burger place, it’s probably safe to say these places have the best fries.

Of course, it’s all just an error and these points of interest have probably been added by someone who just wanted to have fun. The worst thing that could happen, however, is for a driver to actually set their navigation to one of these places, with Google Maps to then direct them pretty close to the location.

Fortunately, you can’t get too close to the volcano by car, as Canlaon City, the nearest city with paved roads, is several miles away at a pretty safe distance.

Most likely, Google will remove this error in the coming days, but in the meantime, you’d better check twice when looking for a new burger place in Philippines unless you want to try out a truly one-of-a-kind flame grill.


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