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Donald Trump Buys 757 Jet from Paul Allen

We wouldn’t really know much about this, but being super-rich might actually be a good thing. One of the most famous billionaires in America, Donald Trump, has managed to bag himself quite a catch. We are not talking about a new apprentice or some supermodel girlfriend. Oh no, its much bigger than that!

According his own statements, Trump has upgraded his personal air transport, replacing his Boeing 727 jet with a 757 model that is twice the size. The real estate tycoon payed $100 million to buy the aircraft from Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen, but we haven’t managed to find out if it will be retrofitted with a comb-over or gold plating. We aren’t making a joke here (actually we are), because Trump had famously fitted some gold-plated luxury fittings to the old 727.

"I bought a great airplane, It's being retrofitted and will be in service in about a month," Trump said, according to

The plain’s increased dimensions will come in handy for cross-country trips if Trump decides to run for president with the help of the Republican. The real estate developer and reality TV star has previously stated he'll decide by June whether to join the crowded field trying to defeat President Obama. According to USA Today, the reason behind his decision is that he believes America is becoming "the laughingstock of the world."

"It's one of the quietest airplanes there is. I did that for the benefit of Palm Beach," Trump said, suggesting that he made his choice of jet with the well-being of his neighbors in mind.


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