Dodge Viper Rear-Ends Lamborghini Aventador in UAE Traffic, Street Racing Backfires

Street Racing is never a good idea, and yet we can’t pretend people don’t battle it out on public roads. If we can’t completely eradicate this, we at least wish the drivers that get involved in such events show a minimum level of attention and skill, so that they end up getting caught by the police instead of being affected by an accident.
Dodge Viper Rear-Ends Lamborghini Aventador in UAE Traffic 1 photo
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Well, the man behind the wheel of the fifth-generation Viper below doesn’t display any of that. While taking part in a race with a Lamborghini Aventador, the man demonstrates what happens when you push the loud pedal and don’t have what it takes to back up such an action.

Both the Viper and the Aventador in front of it accelerate violently on what appears to be a highway from the United Arab Emirates.

The pair of supercars ends up pulling a bit of a slalom, and when the Lamborghini driver puts those carbon ceramic brakes to work, the guy in the Viper fails to react in time. As a result, the Dodge rear-ends the Raging Bull.

While we have no details on the accident’s aftermath, the fact that the Viper driver eventually also slammed the brakes reduced the consequences of the impact, which doesn’t appear to have been an extreme one - at least judging by the reaction of his passenger, whom we can see in the video.

What can we learn from this?

The tuition potential of the footage is strong and yet we want to focus on a single lesson for now. It doesn’t matter how much a car changes, there will always be ignorant people prepared to crash it.

When we mention cars evolving, we’re talking about the Viper. The Gen. V has come a long way from its predecessors, which only wanted to bring trouble to the humans inside them.

While the current Viper is a superb (record-holding) machine, the first Vipers resembled shed-built supercars you couldn’t rely on at the limit. The footage seen here reminds us of what we see as the #1 Viper crash video on the web.

The footage, which dates back to 2009, shows one of these early Vipers crashed by a driver who pretty much followed the trajectory shown in the 2015 video. ABS or no ABS, the result is similar. You can check out the two failures below.

Video thumbnail
Video thumbnail
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